Multi-Channel Test Delivery

Anywhere, Anytime Testing

Test Delivery Methods that Address Every Need

Global Test Centers

Deliver high-stakes exams with a level of security, design, and registration procedures that yield an unparalleled commitment to quality.
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Online Proctoring

Provide learners and candidates with a convenient testing option that is highly secure and integrates with systems they already know.
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Online Unproctored

Deliver assessments to job candidates online to fulfill the talent recruiting requirements of leading companies worldwide.
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Test Delivery & Distribution

PSI partners with our clients to help you determine the best test delivery and distribution options for your unique program including a variety of test driver solutions – server-based, internet-based, or with third-party test drivers. Utilizing PSI’s multiple methods of secure test delivery allows you to decide where and how to distribute your exam. Our solutions are completely customizable depending on your preferences and your situation.

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PSI Test Center Network

The PSI Test Center Network offers the ultimate solution for secure and standardized testing. Certified Test Center Administrators are backed by innovative security tools at over 1,800 sites globally. PSI’s system for establishing permanent test centers ensures that we have total control over testing standards, testing staff, and scheduling. PSI has developed a comprehensive set of guidelines for site selection, and we perform audits of our test centers routinely to ensure consistent and fair candidate experiences.

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Online Proctoring

PSI offers several remote proctoring models that are unique to the testing industry.

  • Live Remote Proctoring – Real time monitoring with remote PSI Certified Proctors
  • Record and Review Remote Proctoring – Authenticates the identity and captures the entire exam session which is later reviewed by PSI Certified Proctors

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Online Unproctored

PSI has a long history of unproctored test delivery to private locations (homes, offices) primarily to fulfill the corporate talent recruiting requirements of leading companies worldwide.

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