How To Build Resilience In Your Workforce Using The Resilience Questionnaire

Resilience – The Key To Thriving During Challenge And Change

Why resilience, and why now?

The global pandemic has stretched and challenged us all. Building resilience within your workforce can support your colleagues to build resilience, a skill that will equip them well for these unpredictable times.

Research shows that resilient individuals:
  • Thrive during challenging times
  • Demonstrate sustainable high performance
  • Are able to manage and deal with change more effectively

Attending this course will give you the skills you need to administer, interpret, and provide feedback on the Resilience Questionnaire.

PSI research shows that highly resilient employees are:



More Productive

43% more productive in comparison to candidates with low resilience


More Engaged

47% more engaged at work in comparison to employees with low resilience


More Likely To Stay

Twice as likely to stay at the organization in comparison to candidates with low resilience


Who should attend?

This course is designed for HR professionals interested in becoming accredited in the Resilience Questionnaire, a simple to use online questionnaire that generates insightful reports about an individual’s resilience. This training allows in-house professionals to use PSI’s Resilience questionnaire and its insight to build resilience across their workforce.

Building resilience

At PSI, we define resilience as an individual’s capacity to adapt positively to pressure, setbacks, challenge, and change in order to achieve peak performance. Our unique Resilience Questionnaire focuses on the aspects of an individual’s patterns of thinking, preferences, and behaviors and enables individuals to gain insight into:

  • How they are resilient
  • How they can develop their resilience further
  • How they can apply these skills at work to tackle stress and to thrive

This training allows in-house professionals to use PSI’s Resilience Questionnaire and use its insight to build resilience across the workforce.

What the course covers

The course will provide you with the information and experience required to administer, interpret results and provide feedback on The Resilience Questionnaire effectively. You will explore the importance of resilience in the workplace, the key features of The Resilience Questionnaire, how to interpret an individual’s ‘Resilience Profile’ and have the opportunity to practice providing feedback on the questionnaire results.

About the Resilience Questionnaire

The questionnaire provides a range of insightful reports that can be used either to help develop or assess an individual’s resilience. It can be completed online in only 10 minutes. The feedback report provides a summary of an individual’s results in relation to the core components of resilience together with options on how they can develop each one. Responses are also compared to one of a range of available norm groups, allowing leaders, managers, employees, or other specific industry groups to understand how their levels of resilience compares to others.

Join the 10,000+ managers and employees across 30+ countries that use the Resilience Questionnaire as an intrinsic part of their L&D program.

“I really enjoyed the Resilience workshop and absolutely loved the Resilience Questionnaire… I’m planning to use it in a corporate setting as part of our development programs.”

Yulia Saponko, Middle East Consulting L&D Manager, PwC


“Understanding my own resilience profile, particularly in the current climate, has allowed me to think about how I will respond to change and challenging opportunities.”

Sarah Greedy, Talent Development Manager, BGL Group


“The PSI resilience training course was enlightening. It brought to life the resilience questionnaire in a much deeper sense, exploring the research underpinning the questionnaire and how best to use it in a coaching scenario was incredibly helpful, both from a personal development perspective and to use in the workplace going forward, especially when self-care and reflection is ever more needed to avoid burnout.”

Rachel Rickard, Company Secretary, Premier Oil


“During this crisis, I have learned that having skills that build capacities for resilience are a very important task for HR. We are planning to introduce a resilience topic as a mandatory part of our core learning program and to train our employees to develop the skill that builds their own resilience. We intend to build company capabilities to be resilient in difficult times and to manage the business most sustainably.”

Vladimir Damnjanovic, Country HR Head Serbia, ContiTech Fluid Serbia


“The course was extremely helpful and informative, both professionally and personally. I enjoyed it greatly, especially the practical part of it. I highly recommend it.”

Sabine Rizk-Skaf, Clinical Psychologist and Co-Owner of Human Relations Institute and Clinics, Human Relations Institute and Clinics


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