16pf Qualifying Training with E-Learning

Become an accredited 16pf practitioner with access to the 16pf assessment and reports in a range of languages.

This personality-training programme will equip you to use the 16pf assessment, one of the best-known and well-established personality questionnaires in the world. Objective, reliable and accurate, the 16pf questionnaire provides an in-depth description of an individual’s personality. The programme will give you skills in 16pf interpretation and, backed up by a range of electronic reports, show you how to apply this knowledge to recruitment and selection as well as individual and team development. On successful completion you will receive the 16pf qualification.

By attending this course you will

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the 16pf assessment, both practically and theoretically
  • Acquire skills in 16pf interpretation, administration and feedback
  • Learn how to use the 16pf assessment in a range of contexts, from recruitment and selection to individual and team development


2 Days


£2,100 + VAT

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