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Predict performance through assessment. Make the best data-driven hiring decisions.

Having the right people in the right place is crucial for organizational success, and a bad hire can be highly disruptive and expensive. We help you predict performance of your candidates at any level, diving deep into critical areas such as skill fit, culture fit, and potential for future growth. Our credible, science-based assessment solutions help you better identify the right person for the role – whether fully automated, or through holistic Assessment Centers, always supported by our HR Consultants.

Our Solutions

We work with global organisations to design, build, and deliver insightful and efficient selection assessment solutions:

Leadership Assessment

Science-based executive assessments underpinned by our industry-leading Emotional Intelligence, PAPI personality, and Resilience tools

Entry-Level Selection

High quality entry-level assessments, combining engaging assessment components such as VirtualAC and Logiks ability tests

Recalibration After Reorganization

Assessment for new roles after a merger,
acquisition, or restructure

Internal Selection

Employee assessment to understand fit with a specific role, or potential for mobility to more challenging roles

Learn how our selection solutions helped Polaris ensure their manufacturing staff has the right skills and expectations for success on the production lines.

Proven Assessment Expertise

PSI blends science and technology, working with clients to find the perfect solution. Read the client success stories from some of our clients to inspire you:


Egon Zehnder

Data Driven Personality Assessment to identify top Executive leaders.

Global Leader in Manufacturing image

Global Leader in Manufacturing

Improving Performance and Safety with our Select Assessment for Manufacturing.

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