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Streamline Volume Hiring and Provide Great Candidate Experience

A streamlined high-volume screening process keeps your recruitment costs and resources in check, providing a fair, unbiased, and defensible process without compromising candidate experience. Our award-winning portfolio of flexible, seamless screening solutions can be personalized to your brand. This means you can find the best talent, while giving your candidates the best possible experience.

Our Solutions

We have the industry’s largest library of ready-to-use assessment content and extensive expertise in designing custom content to meet our clients’ needs.
Our unique technology allows for the delivery of even the most complex assessment processes. We work with you to design your
perfect selection experience, which can include:

Complete Screening

Gain fit-to-role insight into your candidate pool from all angles with multi-level screening solutions such as Hire

Cognitive Ability

Get insight into essential cognitive ability factors with our engaging Logiks test series

Behavioral Preferences

Understand your candidates’ typical responses in critical situations through our Dilemmas Situational Judgment Test series

Culture Fit

Understand fit with the organization or role through our engaging Capture assessment

Safety Risks

Identify risk factors for manufacturing
roles with SecureFit

Service Role Fit

Use our quick, online ServiceFit assessment to understand role fit for customer service, retail, hospitality, and healthcare roles

Watch how our Hire Screening Solution can help organizations streamline candidate screening processes, while increasing engagement and fairness.

Proven Screening Expertise

PSI blends science and technology, working with clients to find the perfect solution. Read our client success stories to inspire you:

Dixons Carphone

Dixons Carphone

British electronics giant Dixons Carphone used an engaging-high volume recruitment solution to deliver a great experience and ensure diversity goals were met.

US Hospital Group

US Hospital Group

A group of four US Hospitals used the ServiceFit assessment to screen job candidates and cut service worker turnover in half.

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