Optimize with Analytics

Enhance Organizational Success With Data-led Talent Solutions

Talent data is key to making objective and unbiased talent decisions. But where to start? The huge amount of data that Talent Management professionals have access to today can be overwhelming, and terms like AI, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing can add to the confusion.

We make the most of your data. Our
unique team of I/O Psychologists,
Data Scientists, and HR Consultants
transforms data into meaningful outcomes

Our data-focused experts help you:

  • Take strategic action based on your organizational trends
  • Find patterns in group assessment data to understand success criteria
  • Reduce biases and optimize fairness
  • Compare your (future) employees to comparable groups to understand strengths and development opportunities
  • Optimize your assessment process to ensure it helps you select the best
  • Automate your processes for extra efficiency, where defensible and relevant

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Full use of diagnostic data from first assessment to on-boarding and development


Truly unique combination of expertise in science, technology and human capital


Holistic and future-focused competency modelling for the changing workplace


Adaptive process design based
on real-time data

When to Utilize People Analytics

Before rolling out a new talent process

Understand your current status and pain points (like attrition trends), and use this as a base to measure progress against later on

During talent projects or processes

Continuously analyse effectiveness and correct biases to optimize the predictive power of your assessment processes

After a project is finished

Evaluate project impact and and mine for additional insights that
inspire future success

How We Can Help

  • Data mining to help you take strategic action based on your organizational trends
  • Tailored dashboard to summarize and find patterns in group assessment data
  • AI to reduce bias and optimize fairness
  • Benchmarking to compare your candidates or employees to comparable groups
  • Validation to optimize and refine your assessment process

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