Leading With Emotional Intelligence

A Virtual In-House Program To Equip Leaders With Skills To Help Teams Thrive

Never has Emotional Intelligence (EI) had a bigger role in effective team leadership than it does right now, in these uncertain and challenging times. A leader’s ability to understand and utilize their own and others’ EI is essential in maintaining a positive and rewarding team climate.

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Why do leaders need Emotional Intelligence and why now?

Emotionally intelligent leaders are better equipped to manage themselves and create a positive climate where people can thrive, flourish, and innovate. Even in environments with increased disruption, change, and uncertainty.

Who is the Program for and How is it Delivered?

Leading with Emotional Intelligence is offered in-house and virtually delivered by our consultants. The program is aimed at people-leaders with at least two years of management experience.

PSI has a strong track record in creating virtual learning environments that have real impact and lead to sustainable change.

Each delegate of the program will get a personal Emotional Intelligence Profile (EIP3) and a 90-minute one-to-one coaching session. This is delivered at the start of the program to enable deeper insight throughout the modules.

How will the Leading with Emotional Intelligence program benefit you?

Developing greater Emotional Intelligence requires a mindset shift as well as learning new skills. Our virtual Leading with Emotional Intelligence program is delivered in-house and is supported by our BPS-accredited diagnostic the Emotional Intelligence Profile (EIP3). The program, along with the EIP3 tool will enable leaders to:

  • Deepen self-awareness, self-belief, and confidence
  • Maintain performance in challenging situations
  • Build trust and inspire others
  • Influence, motivate, and support others through great conversations
  • Value diversity and encourage innovation
PSI’s programs show an 18% improvement in Emotional Intelligence within just 3 months

What the program covers

The program consists of 10 two-hour virtual units, supported by pre-work and reading. As this program is tailored to your business, it can be delivered to your timescales..
The program is split into three modules, each covering a facet of Leading with Emotional Intelligence in the workplace:

Leading Self

  • Learn about how Emotional Intelligence underpins great leadership
  • Understand how to develop the mindset of a leader and be at your best more of the time

Leading Others

  • Understand how your leadership impacts climate and culture
  • Explore development techniques for enabling others to identify and fulfill their potential

Leading the Organization

  • Develop greater agility to successfully manage uncertainty created by disruption
  • Learn how to influence others through powerful communication

The program also includes our diagnostic Emotional Intelligence Profile (EIP3) and a 90-minute one-to-one exploration and coaching session at the start of the program.

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The Book of EI

In today’s workplace the need for EI is more important than ever. Our survey of over 50 organisations in the United Kingdom found that 90% considered EI as ‘important’ or ‘crucial’ to meeting their business needs.

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The world of work is changing. It is becoming more virtual, diverse, and dispersed, with an ever-greater need for improved leadership capability.

The Emotional Intelligence Of The HR Sector

This paper analyses data on individuals working in the Human Resources (HR) sector who completed the Emotional Intelligence Profile (EIP). The results show the HR sector were somewhat higher in Emotional Intelligence (EI) than most other job sectors.

The Emotional Intelligence Of The Sales Sector

As both organisations and markets have become more competitive and complex, the demands on salespeople have changed. Compared to the general working population, the Sales sector scored higher than average in EI.