Custom Interview Solutions

Developed in collaboration with you by our expert Consultants

Flexible solutions that fit your organization

As specialists in competency design and development, we can create custom or bespoke assessments, including interviews, based on your competencies to ensure maximum relevance for your target role. We can create materials unique to your needs and organization, as well as offer guidance to ensure that your interviewing process is as effective as possible.

If you are looking to improve interview standards across your organization, we also offer CBI-Smart, an online competency-based interview generator, and Assessor Skills Training Courses. Standardizing the interview process ensures that time spent is as effective as possible at finding the right people for your organization.

Learn more about our team of highly experienced Occupational Psychologists who have designed and delivered custom, or bespoke interview solutions for our clients.

“Delivering the necessary tools to create our Interview Guides, online, using Vodafone’s language and distinctive brand saves time and has helped to standardize the way we conducted interviews across the company, all over the world.”

– Deborah Preston Global Resourcing and Development Board Manager People Capability, Vodafone.