Competency Development

Competency frameworks underpin many, if not all, talent processes. Organizations need a shared understanding of what good looks like, and the behaviors required to be successful and meet business objectives. We can help you create this common language with our approach and knowledge of competency design.

We offer a multi-method job analysis approach which can be adapted to suit the needs of your organization.

Through online questionnaires, focus groups, interviews, and stakeholder engagement we can identify the behavioral requirements that inform competency design. We are skilled at adapting and enhancing existing frameworks, as well as creating new ones, no matter the size and scale of your organization. Should the design of a bespoke framework not be right for you, we also offer our own Global Behavior Framework that provides you pre-defined competencies at different levels to use with your own or PSI talent management’s assessment tools.

Our approach to design ensures you have a set of competencies specific to your organization, that reflect your culture, values, and brand; as well as the critical and solid foundation for your talent processes to be built upon. Learn more about our team of highly experienced Occupational Psychologists.

“As a person-centered organization, it was vital that we involved our people and our service users in the process. PSI talent management rose to the challenge and it became evident in the early stages that we had chosen well. The team was a pleasure to work with. They were able to translate the ethos of CAYSH and drive the research and design stages in a planned and logical way.”

– Mikala Ayres, Head of HR and Talent, CAYSH

Find out how we helped CAYSH to create an organization-wide competency framework.

“We have certainly enjoyed working with you guys and it has come at a perfect time in our evolution! Thank you for the successful assignment and no doubt we will see you all in the future.”

Mark Horsley, CEO, Northern Gas Networks (NGN)

Find out how we helped Northern Gas Networks (NGN) to become more customer oriented and agile; identifying and maximizing the involvement of talented staff in is realization.