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How To Navigate the New Talent Landscape and Emerge Stronger

The pandemic has caused dramatic shifts in today’s labor market, presenting leaders with extraordinary challenges to overcome. Ongoing uncertainty and changes in the labor landscape pose a new set of complex challenges and opportunities for employers across every industry.

Pragmatic strategies to evolve your talent lifecycle


How can you take practical steps to ensure your organization is well positioned to build stronger teams, more effective leaders, and healthier workplace cultures than ever before? For many organizations, 2020 was a year of survival mode and constant change. The year ahead can offer opportunities to rebuild your workforce in a new way, optimizing your approach to talent. Read our Ultimate Guide Series to discover how to focus on taking meaningful actions to get back to business better than before.


Chances are that your organization has a newly-formed or rapidly-growing remote workforce. A survey conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) reported that over 75 percent of employers have people working from home. Watch our on-demand webinar to learn how PSI’s experts are applying years of research on remote work effectiveness to help organizations drive high-performing teams in offsite work environments.

“The on-line capabilities that PSI has provided our firm has been invaluable to us during the COVID-19 outbreak.”

– General Manager, National Private Security Agency

3 Pillars of Talent Recovery

Our expert team will help you create an action plan covering three areas critical to effective Talent Management during the crisis and through the recovery.

Develop Strong Leadership

Future-ready leadership has never been more important. Right now, many clients are turning to our experts for assistance with succession planning and workforce re-structuring. We’ll help you explore how using executive assessment programs to identify High Potentials and implementing leadership coaching can help your organization get back on track faster.

Individual leaders also need tools to develop resilience, manage teams in non-traditional work environments, and develop the competencies scientifically proven to be most critical to effective leadership in turbulent times.

Evolve Your Hiring Strategy

The game has changed. The same hiring system that may have worked for years isn’t going to help your organization effectively respond to the challenges of today’s employment landscape. You need to be ready to tackle the new challenges and harness the new opportunities.

Our experts are here to help you understand how the market shifts impact the way you should approach hiring and build efficient systems designed for speed, quality, and sustainability. Ensure your decisions are data-driven with our solutions for re-shaping, re-structuring, or completely re-imagining talent management for your organization.

Support Your Team

The world of work has dramatically changed for everyone. Right now, employees need help adapting to their new work environment, developing new skills, and coping with the mental and emotional trials brought on by the pandemic. Having the right tools to support your team with these needs will only become more important during the recovery.

We work with you to design employee and team programs, or can empower you to deliver our powerful assessments in-house – from tools designed specifically for remote worker development to those that build employee Resilience, Emotional Intelligence, behavioral self-awareness, and more.

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Solutions Geared For Talent Recovery

After evaluating your needs, our experts will help you bring together best-in-class assessment content, leading-edge technology, and consulting solutions used across the entire talent lifecycle – all combined into holistic solutions that drive your most critical business objectives.

Develop Strong Leadership

Leadership Development Consulting and Coaching

Planning for the future of your organization starts with leadership. Our world-class human capital consultants are dedicated to helping you identify leadership potential, leverage talent, and enhance employee performance. From succession planning to High Potential identification, our Talent Management experts can help.

Leadership Selection and Development Tools

You need the tools to help you lead efficiently and confidently. Close skill gaps and build bench strength with data-driven training and development programs. Our Executive Assessment Suite includes proven tools for Emotional Intelligence, Leadership Climate, 360s, and innovative leadership micro-learning – all delivered on a global scale.

Crisis and Recovery Leadership Solutions

Products and services specially designed to help leaders understand their strengths and take action on their development gaps around the competencies most vital to effective leadership through the uncertain times of crisis and recovery.

Evolve Your Hiring Strategy

Hiring Strategy Consulting

We’ll help you understand the new challenges and, more importantly, the new opportunities presented by the flooded talent market. Based upon the needs of your organization and the latest industry trends, our experts will help you develop a plan and quickly put it into action with hiring tools that put your business ahead.

Hiring Assessment Tools

Take advantage of our unmatched library of valid, job-related assessments and industry-leading technology proven to help you effectively evaluate, interview, and hire top quality candidates quickly and efficiently. Our tools are trusted by organizations worldwide to create secure and fair selection systems.

Talent Recovery Roadmaps

Built upon decades of industry expertise and the analysis of hundreds of market trend datapoints, our team has developed industry and job-role specific action plans to guide your organization on the road to recovery. We’ll help you implement talent management systems proven to drive success at each phase of the talent life cycle.

Support Your Team

Employee Development Consulting and Coaching

You need strong, flexible teams to thrive through the recovery. From identifying team strengths to facilitating team development sessions, our Talent Management experts can help. Our world-class solutions empower you to understand team strengths and potential, leverage talent, and enhance employee performance.

Employee Development Tools

Help employees develop the skills they need to adapt to the trying times, and be ready for what’s next. Our proven toolkit provides what you need to help your team develop vital competencies including Resilience, Emotional Intelligence, workplace safety, behavioral awareness, leadership skills, and more.

Remote Worker Development Tools

For many organizations worldwide, remote work is here to stay. Provide managers and individual contributors with tools specially designed to better understand how the new remote environment may impact their work and support them to develop the competencies most critical for success as a remote worker.

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