Assessment Solutions

We have the best people to help you find the best people. Our assessment experts deliver robust, bespoke solutions that combine innovative technology and content to help your organization.

Custom Assessment

When off-the-shelf assessments won’t fit your need, PSI can create a custom-built test. Developing a fair and reliable test is a PSI strength. We have extensive experience building tests and assessments for the most demanding corporate, education, government, and certification and licensure clients. We’ve created over 2000 in-house modules and developed commercial tests with ironclad defensibility in high-stakes industries.

Selection System

Great organizations starts with great people. At PSI, we identify the characteristics people need to effectively execute on the initiatives that drive businesses forward. Our selection offerings lead the industry with accurate, engaging, easy-to-use, and defensible solutions, including the largest selection of assessments, world-class consulting services, video interviewing, and other tech-enabled selection tools.

Job Analysis and

Every role has a set of competencies, knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics required for success. PSI works closely with subject matter experts to capture information to make an accurate interpretation of a candidate’s capabilities and create valid assessments. The more accurate an exam is, the more it predicts performance and aids decisions involving employment, admissions, training, or job placement.

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