Test Administration Services

Outsourcing test administration services to PSI is convenient, cost-effective and secure. For over two decades our clients have utilized these valuable services to support their national testing, certification and licensing requirements.

PSI delivers all computer-based examinations via our state-of-the-art test generation software and integrated test development/test generation system at our secure test centers. This proprietary platform includes a sophisticated database management system and the capability to conduct all test development, administration, certification/licensing, auditing, and reporting features securely and reliably through a web-based solution. PSI’s technology services enable a seamless end-to-end management platform for the capture and delivery of testing information. ATLAS® allows PSI staff to schedule sessions from a centralized call center, manage candidate testing sessions at each test administration site, report results to candidates immediately after testing is concluded, and generate statistical reports for clients. The system also allows for immediate update of test content.