Healthcare Licensure

PSI is a leader in the assessment industry and delivers Licensure & Certification exams and related services for more than 180 state programs, with over 500,000 licensure candidates tested annually in the fields of healthcare, allied health, insurance, real estate, appraisal, home inspection, construction and associated trades, and barbering and cosmetology, among many others. Our team of customer service representatives, proctors, and project managers are well recognized for their subject matter expertise and commitment to the success of your program.

  • 7 testing contracts for healthcare and allied health professions
  • 7 multi-board contracts with state licensing agencies;
  • Over 180 licensing examination contracts across the U.S.
  • Interaction with industry stakeholders – companies, schools, regulators, licensees, and candidates
  • Regularly host school meetings and industry meetings

Test Administration

PSI administers your tests in its permanent test centers – a national network of over 400 computer-based test centers located throughout all 50 states and US territories. Remote proctoring is also available. PSI has strict guidelines and expectations for its test centers and performs audits routinely, mostly unannounced as “secret shoppers” in order to ensure great service to candidates.

  • UNBIASED: Our test center network ensures that each candidate, no matter where he or she takes an examination, will have the same testing experience as all other candidates.
  • CONVENIENT: Our test center locations can provide accessibility not only during weekdays, but also weekends and evenings to accommodate the number of candidates wanting to schedule appointments.
  • FLEXIBLE: In the event of a surge in volume, PSI can add examination sessions, days, or stations because the test centers are totally under the company’s control.
  • SECURE: Equipped with highly trained test center administrators, DVRs, and lockers, PSI test centers boast highest security both for identifying the right candidates and for keeping test materials safe.

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