PSI National Barber and Cosmetology Program

Written and practical examinations for State Licensing Bodies, based exclusively on the techniques necessary to be both skilled and safe

What is the PSI National Barber and Cosmetology Program?

PSI Provides State Licensing Bodies with a market-leading, legislative-friendly, secure alternative to traditional Barber and Cosmetology testing.

Our experienced team has created a diversified series of theoretical and practical exams for state entities that go beyond validating basic skills.

  • Validate test taker knowledge and go beyond simple recall and recognition with innovative item banking and scoring
  • Ensure relevancy and privacy with modern exam experiences designed for today’s market
  • Protect your proprietary content and deliver statistically unique exams

What can PSI’s theory exams do for you?

Over 70 years’ experience means that PSI has expertise across virtually every sector, delivering tests that are fair, valid, and reliable. We skillfully balance your program needs with leading technology to maintain end-to-end test integrity and security.

Whether delivering your barber and cosmetology theory exams within our network of 300+ testing centers located in every US state and territory, or via our state-of-the-art online proctoring platform, we are adept at effectively evolving to meet ever-changing test taker needs.

Convenient test center locations and secure online testing options

Flexible scheduling including evening and weekend access

Secure and protected facilities, exam content, and test taker data

Responsive and unbiased support for test takers

What makes PSI’s practical exams the right choice?

PSI is committed to reducing barriers in the Licensure examination process while protecting the health, safety, and welfare of the consumer public.

  • Highly trained examiners are recruited and certified to meet today’s evolving public health and safety standards
  • Instant score reporting means candidates know the outcome of their exam immediately
  • Skill-by-skill testing allows evaluations to be administered and scored one skill at a time

Word of Mouth

“Given the current viral environment, it is more evident than ever that proper health & public safety protocols are necessary to protect clients and licensees throughout the professional beauty industry.

It’s great to see that PSI has developed a battery of written and practical examinations that base Licensure assessments exclusively on the safety aspects of the techniques necessary to be both skilled and safe. This is a win-win for the public, the states and professional licensees!”

Leslie Roste, BSN, RN, National Director – Industry Relations & Education, BlueCo Brands