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As the preferred assessment technology provider for leading federal agencies, we understand the complexity of the market and are constantly innovating new ways for our technology to make your hiring process better. Whether it’s using our own validated assessments, content from the industry’s best publishers or your own proprietary tests, our platform provides you with one view of critical characteristics to help you make strategic decisions. We’re contracted with GSA (#GS35F0002P) and can offer a comprehensive assessment program that meets your needs.

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High-Stakes Testing

Developed through years of experience in high-stakes employment testing, we’ve offered the industry’s most flexible and secure talent management and testing platform. It’s the platform of choice for Government customers, SHRM’s Talent Assessment Center, Fortune 500 companies, and thousands of organizations worldwide that require modern testing capabilities, outstanding support, and a library of off-the-shelf validated assessments that can be used in a variety of selection and development applications.

600 Testing Centers Nationwide

Our nationwide testing centers are supervised by proctors who have extensive training in the execution and management of high-stakes assessments and the protocols associated with each specific assessment program. Proctors are retrained and recertified every six months for each testing program they support. Our platform offers automated registration, self-scheduling tools, and real-time reporting.

50+ Industry Leading Publishers

Whether you’re hiring new employees, building your next generation of leaders, or working to retain your top talent, psychometric assessments can be your most valuable tool. We have carefully selected the best assessments in the industry from 50+ leading publishers and you have access to all of them on our single, secure platform.

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