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Higher education test delivery with PSI

We work tirelessly to deliver education testing that supports your students’ goals. We maintain scientific precision and ensure the latest test technology and decades of expertise will deliver a solution you can trust. You can be confident every online test is as secure and reliable as possible – while delivering a great student experience and protecting their privacy.

Secure test delivery for education

Academic integrity is essential. Your testing services need to protect the reputation of your institution and the reliability of your results. And your students need to trust that every exam is secure and fair. Our online proctoring solutions bring the certainty of test security with the flexibility of Live Online Proctoring or Record and Review with PSI BridgeTM online proctoring platform.

  • Live Online Proctoring for higher stakes testing.
  • Record & Review Online Proctoring for all exam needs.
  • Team of highly trained, assessed and audited proctors.
  • Identity checks with multiple layers of ID verification.
  • Patented lockdown browser prevents access to other applications.
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Human-focused proctoring

Your students want a human-centric testing experience. One that never relies on Artificial Intelligence to make important decisions about their future. We always involves a human being. Our team of professionally trained proctors have decades of online proctoring experience and in-depth knowledge of rapidly advancing test technology.

Read more about the PSI commitment to human-focused proctoring.

Student friendly scalable experiences

It’s a challenge to balance the need for education testing service security with the growing demand for convenience, ease and accessibility. And in a world where a poor experience is often shared on social media, your reputation depends on it. Partner with us to achieve the balance and exceed your students’ expectations.

Learn how to balance security and student experience with online proctoring

  • Protect student privacy and data security.
  • Remove concerns about unnecessary browser extensions.
  • Support with 24/7 technical assistance from system experts.
  • Minimize inconvenient hold and wait times with self-service check in.
  • Accommodate large numbers of students in short testing windows.
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Trusted partner in education testing

PSI testing is trusted by academic institutions worldwide. This includes schools, colleges, universities, medical and nursing schools, health science programs, MOOC providers, admissions testing, language and High School Equivalency testing.

We have decades of experience in education and online testing and work closely with partners in the sector including Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle, D2L Brightspace, Sakai, and OpenEdEx. As well as publishers including McGraw-Hill, Pearson, Cengage, Wiley and many others.

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LMS integration for faculty and students

From assignments and quizzes to checking grades, students and faculty rely on your Learning Management System. The PSI BridgeTM online proctoring platform makes life easier with seamless LMS integration for fast implementation. Tests and exams are delivered in a familiar environment for your students with simple self-service test administration and reporting for faculty and administrators.

Find out more about online proctoring solutions and LMS integration.

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In the world of Higher Education, online proctoring has become more and more prevalent. As everyone adapts to online learning, school’s faculty, staff and administrators are seeing the convenience online proctoring provides for not only themselves, but for students as well.

How to Drive Student Satisfaction with Online Proctoring

In a competitive market, where students are discerning about the academic programs they select, test security must be balanced with the need to deliver an excellent student experience.

The Future of Test Security

The methods used for testing are rapidly evolving. Educational institutions need to keep up and take the opportunities that these developments present.

Providing the expertise, technology and services your institution needs to deliver a flawless testing experience. Contact Us