Vendor Certification Programs

PSI work with commercial organisations across a range of sectors to develop and deliver certification programmes aimed at staff, channel partners, customers and end users. As well as the core requirement that certification awards are based on exams that are fair, valid and reliable, PSI believes that a critical consideration is ensuring the programme aligns to the brand values of the vendor and reinforces a positive image amongst candidates.

Our ability to acquire a deep understanding of your products and services, your core values, detailed programme objectives and target populations ensures that we represent your brand exactly as you would wish. Our support for digital badging and our partnership with BadgeCert, the leader in digital badging/credentialing, further enhances your options for building a strongly branded certification programme that is recognised as credible and dependable.

Test Delivery

Our secure test centre network provides a ready-made delivery channel with access to 120 countries across the globe. Our test platform’s browser based interface and ease of set up mean that we can equally well deliver through vendor and third party test centres. Further options include deploying our unique testing kiosks and provision of remotely proctored or un-proctored testing in the office or at home on any device. And if you are looking for a one stop solution, PSI can also provide an integrated system infrastructure and comprehensive testing service from booking and payments, to test delivery and administration, to management and reporting.

Test Development and Psychometrics

With a strong emphasis on a science based approach, since our earliest beginnings, you can have total confidence in PSI to provide a comprehensive solution, from exam design through implementation to exam maintenance. We have an unrivalled team of psychometricians, industrial psychologists, educational psychologists, test development specialists and technicians who understand and execute rigorous procedures to ensure that all our customers deploy valid, fair, accurate and secure examinations.

Performance-Based Testing

Where testing involves the use of specific software, PSI’s performance based testing approach represents the gold standard in online assessment of computer skills. With our unique in-application item type, candidates complete tasks in the live application itself and the system judges the candidate on whether each task has been completed correctly or not. As a result, we’re able to focus on demonstrable skills rather than recalled knowledge and provide a truer measure of a candidate’s capabilities.

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