Public Sector

Government and public sector organisations have rigorous requirements around any programme, answerable as they are to multiple stakeholders – government, politicians and the general public as well as scrutiny from regulators and the media.

PSI is a trusted partner that has worked with local and national governments in implementing programmes in a wide range of areas from functional skills to aviation. Our breadth of engagement means that we can have the experience to meet your specific needs regardless of subject area, geography or mode of delivery. Plus, with ISO 27001 accreditation and highly evolved project management capabilities, we can provide you with a secure, cost-effective Certification programme that will meet the needs of you and your stakeholders.

Test Security

Credibility is all-important with any public sector programme, and nowhere more so than over the issue of candidate authentication. Our verification methods combine rigorous procedure with advanced technologies including, where required, techniques such as face recognition and biometric scanning to ensure the candidate is who they say they are. In the case of high stakes assessment, whether invigilated ‘on premise’ or using remote proctoring, our highly trained proctors and robust, proven procedures further reinforce the security regime.


Access to instant results and the real-time reporting of data, mean that you always have up to date management information about your assessment programme. Our test platform’s battery of dedicated reporting and analysis tools provide a level of clarity and precision to meet even the most stringent regulatory, audit or compliance demands.

PSI also has the capability to carry out forensic analysis of exam metadata on behalf of our customers to reveal outlier patterns of test-taking behaviour that may reveal improprieties in the aggregate or individual examination results.

Test Centre Network

We are able to deliver your tests in a high-stakes testing environment through our secure test centre network, through third-party test centres or, using our unique testing kiosks, in locations where it has not been possible to deliver secure testing previously, including government/public buildings. We can also deliver remotely proctored or un-proctored testing in the office or at home on any device – whether it is a tablet, laptop, personal computer or mac, to offer the ultimate in accessibility.

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