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The marketability of your IT certifications depends on innovation, flexibility, and secure technology. With 70+ years of testing experience, we understand how important it is to evolve with the ever-changing IT industry and your test taker’s needs. Our customizable end-to-end testing solutions help you develop tests that are valid and can be delivered effortlessly regardless of location.

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Multi-Modal Test Delivery Adds Flexibility

Increase candidate convenience while extending the reach of your certification testing program. We remove the barriers for individuals looking to advance their IT career by providing multi-modal exam delivery options. These options allow us to customize a solution that meets the unique needs of your program:

  • In-person testing at test centers we own and operate globally
  • Live online proctoring
  • Record and review online proctoring
  • Temporary or event testing at various locations
  • Test preparation with practice exams

Seamless Online Proctoring

We provide IT certifying organizations with a market-leading, secure alternative to traditional on-site testing methods. Our experienced, trained proctors are supported by the latest technology, the PSI Bridge™ online proctoring platform, to:

  • Accurately authenticate the test taker’s identity
  • Prevent, identify, and report possible misconduct during tests
  • Directly answer any questions or concerns from test takers in real time


of online proctoring certification candidates recently said their online proctoring experience was excellent or good.

Introducing PSI Bridge
Online Proctoring Platform

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Strengthen the Security of Your IT Tests

Reduce risk and raise the standards for security measures in your exam delivery. We safeguard assessments with solutions that leverage innovative technologies to provide unparalleled content and fraud protection.

Security Protocols at Test Centers – We deliver consistent testing across our global testing sites where our Test Center Administrators are trained, certified, and follow on-site security protocols.

Secure Computer-Based Testing Methods – Computer-based testing has become increasingly popular in the test center environment and via online proctoring. We stay aware of emerging technologies in an ongoing effort to improve our online proctoring platform and delivery of secure computer-based testing. Our security features include:

  • Multi-layer identity verification
  • Lockdown browser
  • Form methods to limit item exposure
  • Linear-on-the-fly-testing (LOFT) for automated test assembly
  • Data forensics
  • Web scanning

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IT Test Development

With a wealth of knowledge and experience, our team of leading psychometricians can guide you through every stage of your test development and measurement needs. We have extensive experience in all phases of test development:

  • Job Task Analysis
  • Test Design and Content Specification
  • Test Development and Form Assembly
  • Item Authoring and Banking
  • Psychometric Services
  • Validation Studies
  • Program Evaluation and Optimization

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Performance Based Testing, Digital Badging and More

Our solutions seamlessly integrate with your current workflows to optimize efficiency. We offer single sign-on and all the APIs you need to integrate internet-based authoring, test drivers and performance-based systems, lab and digital badging.

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