Select Assessment® for Manufacturing

An in-depth, online assessment that looks at critical success competencies to identify productive, hardworking, and safe workers.

One of the most predictive selection tools on the market, our Select Assessment® for Manufacturing (SAM) helps manufacturers globally to identify the best matching staff for their workforce. By improving the quality of employees, you can increase workplace productivity and teamwork, while decreasing absenteeism, turnover, and unsafe work situations.

Select Assessment for Manufacturing uses interactive, engaging, and realistic simulations to measure productive behaviors and traits, such as:

  • Quality focus
  • Problem solving
  • Process monitoring
  • Visual acuity
  • Work pace
  • Safety attitude
  • Reliability
  • Teamwork

The assessment improves organizational productivity by increasing your ability to predict who will be a good performer, while streamlining time and resources used at the selection stage.

How it works

SAM is a modular online assessment, that consists of a variety of sub-assessments, measuring the individual from different angles. The assessment takes candidates 30 to 70 minutes to complete, depending on the exact modules included in the assessment. This personalized approach means that the assessment will be tailored and targeted for your specific challenges.

Watch this video to find out how SAM has helped Polaris automate and streamline their selection processes:

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