PAPI Personality Assessment

The personality assessment that provides the insight you need for selection choices, onboarding, identifying potential, and development programs.

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Assess personality. Get to know people better.

When selecting and developing people, it’s important you have the tools to really get to know them. With the Personality And Preference Inventory (PAPI) you’ll be equipped to start exploring what makes people tick.

PAPI is packed with science and insight and has been successfully deployed by employers globally for decades. The robust and quick-to-complete personality questionnaire provides a solid foundation for impactful interviews and feedback sessions. Delivering scientific insight, PAPI provides the foundation for productive conversations, offers a deeper understanding of what drives people, and generates thought-provoking insights into role suitability and employee development strategy.

Pivotal Insight at All Stages of the Talent Lifecycle


Talent Selection

Select the Best

Vital insight for interviews and selection choices.

Talent Identification

Identify Talent

Explore aspects of personality linked with potential.

Talent Development

Develop Your Workforce

Understand how to support individual and team growth.

Why use PAPI?
  • Enhanced insight for managers – Gain a deeper understanding of what motivates and inspires your people. Improve development and boost performance.
  • Engaging candidate experience – Bring simplicity and clarity with an intuitive interface for both administrators and participants. Candidates and assessors can be in different locations or even a different country, saving on travel costs.
  • Insight into specialist roles – Focus on what’s crucial for success in specific roles including sales and leadership with specialist PAPI reports.
  • Interactive dynamic reporting – Instantly access the insights that matter most with our range of concise reports, available in multiple formats.
  • International versatility – Roll out the perfect multinational solution, available in a wide range of languages and with cultural sensitivity by design.
  • Assessments personalized for you – Make the process uniquely yours by adding your employer branding and creating your own specific job profiles.
  • Strengthen hiring decisions – Understand what new hires will bring to your organization, determine an individual’s fit or create high impact team profiles.

Arm yourself with reliable insight into your people’s personality and drivers and make informed decisions to boost performance.

PAPI personality assessment details

  • Measures work related personality and preferred style of working
  • Looks at 7 factors of personality, split into 26 need and role scales
  • Between 44 – 161 items to complete, depending on version
  • 20-30 minute approximate time to complete assessment
  • Available in over 20 languages

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