Attract candidates who match your unique brand and values

Capture is a highly visual assessment, often used at the start of the hiring process to evaluate how well candidates’ values align to the values of your organization. Once completed, participants get instant feedback that enables those who aren’t well suited to opt out before committing to the hiring process. This saves time for you, your organization, and your applicants by naturally narrowing down candidate pools, with only the best fitting candidates continuing to the next stage.

This short and engaging experience displays organizational values through a social feed – like questionnaire, asking participants to rate to what extent a series of statements describes them.

With Capture you can:

  • Communicate your values and inspire your candidates with branded, visual assessments.
  • Streamline recruitment by reducing the quantity of unsuitable candidates moving through your selection process.
  • Boost engagement in new hires by instilling an advanced understanding of what to expect from your workplace.
  • Tailor with specialized Diversity & Inclusion values so you can promote your commitment to D&I within your hiring process or target a more diverse applicant pool
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Capture is fun, gamified, innovative, and visually interesting

Recruitment and Training Director, Franprix Supermarkets

How it Works
  1. Personalization: The Capture tool is easily tailored to reflect your organization’s values and brand
  2. Questionnaire: Candidates are then asked to rate to what extend they identify with value-related statements
  3. Feedback: Once completed, candidates immediately get feedback and a fit score based on the alignment of their values with those of the organization
  4. Self-Selection: The candidate can choose whether they want to continue with the application

Add Capture to your screening solution, and start using your values to excite the people who will really thrive within your organization.

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